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What about that store name?

Back in 1986, a man who worked for Mol's Records, Dan Dow, contacted Curt Schieber at Schoolkids Records (SKR) about taking over a space that was empty next door. This store only carried new records and Dan's idea was to sell used records in the new space. After many hours struggling with a name for the store, fuelled by booze and illicit drugs and armed with a pen and a legal pad and hours of mental gymnastics, they came up with the name Used Kids Records. Unfortunately, over the years, Schoolkids Records met its demise. However, Used Kids Records thrived and moved into selling both used and new records. While at one point in 2014, when Greg Hall bought the store there was consideration of changing the name back to Schoolkids Records, the consensus was that the name Used Kids Records needed to live on. While the name lives on, we really don't sell that many used kids' records!

Used Kids Records charitable endeavors are primarily focused on the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. In the past, we have found many opportunities to raise money for this worthy charity. We sold masks during covid, during Figgy Fest and many other fundraisers, we've raised thousands of dollars. We also like to support touring artists' charity events, such as raising thousands of dollars for VetsAid with Joe Walsh and City of Hope with Supersuckers. We strive to continue to pursue many charities.


Greg Hall, owner of Used Kids Records, sitting and smiling in the stairway of the original High Street store location.


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Interior of Used Kids Records store showcasing rows of vinyl records.
Employee stocking records at Used Kids Records.

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Used Kids Records Keep Music at the Forefront

Exterior storefront of Used Kids Records.

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Ryan, Keihan, Nick

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