Monday, January 12, 2015

New Stage Kick Off Party!

Used Kids has a new stage and a slight step up in our sound equip game. More vinyl too! Always more... Come baptize it in sweat with some local favorites. 

free / all ages / all pizza

THE THREE SPEEDS (the rockin remains of the planktones)
CHEATER SLICKS (live blooze punk n roll)
OLD HUNDRED (indie folk tops solo or full band)
THUNDER THIGHS (loops, violin, and golden voice)
KIZZY HALL (lo-fi punk like ya like) 
DAY CREEPER (garage punk a la mode)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Used Kids Staff Year End Lists 2014

It's that time of the year again, and we would be remiss if we didn't partake in the ubiquitous music nerd annual ritual of letting the world know what we think about certain things. So... here are our unsolicited opinions-- which *mind you* are not the byproduct of promos or butt-rubbing on the behalf of slimy label sales-reps. No SIR-- these are the records that we have spent our hard earned ducats on, and want you, beloved reader-- to know about. Let it be documented, for better or worse (in 3 years time, some of us might really regret these choices!) that these are the records that have reverberated through the echoey chambers of 1980 N. High in the year 2014.

Kellie's Picks
American Jobs- Carne Levare (Savage Quality)
Elisa Ambrogio- The Immoralist (DC)
Bitchin Bajas- Bitchin Bajas (DC)
Burnt Skull- Sewer Birth (12XU)
Cheater Slicks- Live Vol. 3 (CDR)
Dark Matter- Dark Matter (Siltbreeze)
Deaf Wish- St. Vincent’s (Sub Pop)
Darlingchemicalia- Spun In White (A Wicked Company)
David Kilgour and the Heavy 8’s- End Times Undone (Merge)
Life Without Buildings- Any Other City (What’s Your Rupture)
Lower Plenty- Life/Thrills (Bedroom Sucks)
Matchess- Seraphastra (Trouble In Mind)
The Pen Test- Interstate (Moniker)
Rakta- Rakta (540 Records)
Ela Stiles- Ela Stiles (Bedroom Sucks)
Total Control- Typical System (Iron Lung)
Unholy Two- Talk About Hardcore (12XU)
Void Vision- Sub Rosa (Mannequin)

Alberich-NATO Uniformen (Hospital Productions)
Axemen- Derry Legend (Luxury Products)
The Beachcomber Trio- Live from the Kahiki- Columbus, OH, 1965 (Bacchus Archives)
Bored Games- Who Killed Colonel Mustard? (Flying Nun)
The Chills/ Sneaky Feelings/ The Stones/ The Verlaines -Dunedin Double (Flying Nun)
The Clean- Anthology (Merge)
Cleaners From Venus- Living With Victoria Grey (Captured Tracks)
Cleaners From Venus- Number Thirteen (Captured Tracks)
Electric Eels- Die Electric Eels (Superior Viaduct)
Electric Eels- Spin Age Blasters / Bunnies ‎(Superior Viaduct)
Peter Jefferies- Electricity (Superior Viaduct)
Konrad- Evil (Ethereal Sequence)
Mamman Sani- Taaritt (Sahel Sounds)
Poison Girls- Chappaquiddic Bridge (Crass Records)
Shoes This High- Straight to Hell (Siltbreeze)
Shoes This High- Shoes this High (Siltbreeze)
The Spies- Battle of Bosworth Terrace (Siltbreeze)
X_X- X Sticky Fingers X
V/A- Cynernetic Serendipity Music (Vinyl Factory)
V/A- Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1 (Sacred Bones)

Helter Swelter- The Clean, Scrawl, TJSA, Unholy Two (Ace of Cups)
Merchandise + Unholy Two (Ace of Cups)
Angie + Nathan Roche (Bourbon Street)
Horrible Fest Cleveland (Now That’s Class)
Deaf Wish + Cheater Slicks (Ruby’s)
American Jobs Release show (Ace of Cups)
Magic Markers + Psychedelic Horseshit (Ace of Cups)
Unholy Two + Burnt Skull (Trailer Space)
X_X (Beachland Tavern)
Cheater Slicks, Harrisburg Players (Bourbon Street)
Peter Gutteridge (Issue Project Room) *In Spirit*
Puce Mary, Ligature, Liebestod, Unholy Two, Melted Man (The Summit)
Terrestrials (Ace of Cups)
Cat Welfare Benefit: INXS and Replacements cover sets (Ace of Cups)

Ryan's Picks
We / Ours - Demo tape (self-released)
David Kilgour & the Heavy 8's - End Times Undone (Merge)
Lower Plenty - LIFE / THRILLS (Mexican Summer)
Caribou - Our Love (Merge)
Radiator Hospital - Torch Song (Salinas)
Martha - Courting Strong (Salinas)
Rakta - S/T (540)
NehruvianDOOM - S/T (Lex)
Diners - Diners (Diet Pop)
The Men - Tomorrow's Hits (Sacred Bones)
TOP 10 SHOWS (fav. performance underlined)
5/24/14 CRABB FEST Night II Slut Castle / Weird Science / Serengeto / Babe Quest / Delay / Dishpit / Gaze / Sandal Stomp / Hot Mess Monster / Neanderthal / Dog Problem / Nature Boys
1/15/14 Check Mate / Tessaiga / No Tomorrow @ 15th Haus Columbus, OH
9/20/14 Bloody Show / Deaf Wish @ Ruby Tuesday’s Columbus, OH
3/21/14 Sweet Poison Victim / Blue Friction @ V V K Columbus, OH 
5/23/14 CRABB FEST Rutland, OH Night I. Aneids / Meet the Neighbors / The Fury / Melyn’s band / Marissa Anderson / Pretty Pretty / Napalm Donut / Bad Fog / Desperate Pilot / Satanarchy / Rats Rest / Rag Rage / Onion Flavored Rings
4/12/14 Teenage Strangers (1st show) / Failed Mutation / Splashin’ Safari / Satanarchy @ V V K Columbus, OH
7/2/14 Radioactivity / Bad Sports / Nervosas @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH
8/16/14 Moviola / Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts / Scrawl / The Clean – late show - Sundials / Sidekicks @ Ace of Cups Helter Swelter 1 Columbus, OH
4/23/14 Sega Genocide / Pretty Pretty / Tweens / Nude Beach @ KOBO Columbus, OH
11/9/14 @ The Boat - Oakland, CA w/ Joyride!, WUV, Yogurt Brain, Big Kitty

Death Waltz reissues featuring  Edda Dell'Orso 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Monday, September 22, 2014


NO SEATTLE vol 1 & 2 Forgotten Sounds of the North-West Grunge Era / NIKKI SUDDEN Fred Beethooven / APHEX TWIN syro / SUN RA in the orbit of RA / WIRE document and eyewitness / MARY LATTIMORE & JEFF ZEIGLER Slant Of Light / HOLY SONS The Fact Facts / JOSEPHINE FOSTER Anda Jaleo / BLACK KEYS The Big Come Up / THE GERMS Germicide / JAY DEE Welcome to Detroit / DEEP WOUND Deep Wound / SWELL MAPS International / THE RAINCOATS The Raincoats / IGGY POP Kill City / MADLIB wlib am / LOWER PLENTY Life/Thrills / DEAF WISH Reality & Visions 

+ FROM Drag City Records + TY SEGALL manipulator / BONNIE PRINCE BILLY singer's grave a sea of tongues / DAN'L BOONE s/t / LAETITIA SADIER something shines / PURLING HISS weirdon / US MAPLE acre thrills / SILVER JEWS american water, early times, tanglewood numbers, bright flight, starlite walker / HOLLYWOOD DREAM TRIP would you like to know more?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sun Sept 21st PURPLE 7 // WEIRD SCIENCE in-store 5-7pm

PURPLE 7 music video

Wanna go out Sunday but no too out? We'll get you squares in bed by 9! Right after, a worthy in-store. 
5-7pm * free * all-ages * free pizza * BYO


Bloomington fuzzy psych tinged pop , new album Jewel Finger out now!
feat. members of Landlord, Defiance Ohio, Hot New Mexicans


Athens enough rock to overflow the KFC 20 - piece bucket! Riffs a la Butthole Surfers! feat. members of We March, Spooktober

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WEDS SEPT 3RD in-store MINT RECORDS Monomyth // Nap Eyes and a ticket give-a-way!

All the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Monomyth - psych-pop with a simple delivery

Nap Eyes - jangly and poppy alt rock 2 decades of releases!!!!

6-8pm FREE * BYO

GIVE-A-WAY!!!  Be the first two at the front counter to mentionThe Gas House Gorillas show at Rumba Cafe later that night (8pm) and win two free tickets to the show!! * to be claimed at will call with your id. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Used Kids is happy to host a Matinee show on Saturday, August 30th as a part of FeMMe Fest. Check it out!